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Jean Monnet Chair Cultural Political Economy of Europe 2020

CPE2020 is dedicated to testing innovative educational approach and related materials as a mechanism for improving implementation of the EU grand strategy, Europe 2020. By doing that it advances interdisciplinary EU studies, with a view to offer educational tools that could be utilised in other environments throughout Europe.


To achieve this, CPE2020 is based on

  i.) student-centred learning, shifting the focus from professor to the student, aiming to

      develop autonomy, independence and critical thinking of the learner,

  ii.) the key elements of Open Innovation 2.0, a new paradigm where not only academia

      and policy-makers, but also industry and civil participants work together to co-create the

     future and drive structural changes far beyond the scope of what any one organization or

      person could do alone, and

 iii.) the Cultural Political Economy, theoreticl approach that not only explains the mechanisms

     behind successful implementation of grand EU strategies, but can also be instrumental in

     providing the relevant tools.


CPE2020 incorporates principles of integrated collaboration, co-created shared value and rapid adoption. Consequently, teaching activities, events and research include future professionals and practitioners undertaking degree-awarding studies in all levels of study and also all relevant stakeholders.

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