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This research activity is closely related to monitoring the efficiency of educational activities and events on successful retention of Europe 2020 as a strategic document of the European Union. This does not necessarily imply awareness of the existence and implementation of strategic documents; rather, it implies the retention of the strategy by becoming part of individual praxis and of organizational routines.


The purpose of this activity is to measure the success of our activities. Therefore, we will measure:

  1. at two time points, in the beginning of the CPE2020 project and towards the end of the project;

  2. in two separate regions, in the region where the project will be implemented and in control region without any such project related with Europe 2020.


This will be a limited yet continuous activity, collecting and analysing the data by participant observation of CPE2020 activities, by conducting regional focus groups with the key stakeholders and by conducting surveys in the specialized public (stakeholders).

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